Galactic Committee

The Galactic Committee is the ultimate decision committee of the program and has as mains goals to decide which startups should continue or leave the process and supervise all program and its strategy. 

João Paula de Carvalho
João Paula de Carvalho President of Galactic Committee
Ana Cristina Gamito
Ana Cristina GamitoPartner Deloitte Digital Leader
João Fonseca
João FonsecaPartner at Deloitte
Tiago Durão
Tiago DurãoPartner at Deloitte
Nuno Schaller Gonçalves
Nuno Schaller GonçalvesPartner at Deloitte
João Caldeira
João CaldeiraPartner at Deloitte
Gonçalo Simões
Gonçalo SimõesPartner at Deloitte
Miguel Morais
Miguel MoraisPartner at Deloitte
Mike Duggan
Mike DugganPartner CH - Zurich at Deloitte
Maria Augusta Francisco
Maria Augusta FranciscoPartner at Deloitte
Louise Brett
Louise Brett Partner UK at Deloitte
Scott Wheatley
Scott WheatleyPartner UK at Deloitte
Jonathan Gray
Jonathan Gray Partner UK at Deloitte
Daniel Shum
Daniel ShumPartner Toronto at Deloitte
Alex Poracchia
Alex PoracchiaPartner UK at Deloitte
Fabien Sauvage
Fabien Sauvage