Project Description

Nancy Brito

Business Designer at Planno/ Semeia Ventures

Technologist, creative and entrepreneur; Nancy has over 15 years of experience running Internet related businesses. She graduated from University of Toronto with a degree in computer science and in 2011 completed an executive MBA from ASE/IESE University of Navarra.

Nancy has served as CEO of a leading digital agency in Portugal during 8 years and has provided the technical leadership that has made the Portuguese pharmacies leap into the 20th century in the past 5 years. She knows what it takes to change a traditional business and making it better by using different business and revenue models. She is now a business Angel and helping startups grow.

In addition to her work in technology and business, Nancy is also an active society member where she inspires women, men and organizations to be more diverse, open and supportive in developing a new career pattern.

She is passionately interested in traveling and cooking and has personally organized memorable themed happenings for people she cares about: family and friends.