Project Description

Carolina Pacheco Soares

 Design Thinker at Deloitte

Innovator, Coolhunter, PR and Brazilian. After 10 years working in São Paulo she chose to leave the comfort zone and moved to Barcelona to study Design Thinking and get different perspectives.  After successfully reaching her goal she decided to pack up again. She is now living in Lisbon whilst working in Innovation at Deloitte. In Brazil she was an Educational Manager for Brazilian Association of Business Communications where Public Relations and Corporative events were also part of her role.

In Spain she developed Innovation projects with the DesignThinkers Group and Apple, teaching Siri Portuguese in order to understand better its users. She finds caipirinha overrated but agrees that Rio is thewonderful city. Loves Hamburgers, Breaking Bad, people, geometrical forms, FlashMob and everything else made with passion or Nutella. Always ready to listen.