Frequently Asked Questions

Unless it’s overly stylish & cool, no!

Seriously, no formalities…

During the bootcamp, absolutely yes!

During the acceleration phase, Yes.

A minimum of 2 team members are expected to enroll in the program full time for the entire duration of Deloitte Digital Disruptors. The load of workshops and talks varies along the week, and mentorship sessions might happen any week day. Team members are expected to make the Deloitte Digital Disruptors office co-working space, their full-time working place. Weekends have no official agenda, but our co-working space is open 24/7 for your team to work any time.

During the incubation phase, No.

If you get to this phase than things are really looking good and most probably you’ll be installing your solution or bundling it with a big name insurance company. This means that you’ll be at your client’s location a lot of the time. The schedule of mentoring sessions and workshops in this phase is toned down because you have to sell, sell, sell!



Deloitte Digital Disruptors is an international startup acceleration program by Deloitte Digital focused on the insurance industry that is split into 3 phases of 1 week (bootcamp) + 2 months (acceleration) + 6 months (incubation) and runs in Lisbon.

During the acceleration phase, the program will select up to 15 teams who will have access to more than 100 international mentors and investors, as well as up to 150k€ in perks (Google, Amazon, Microsoft and many more) to advance their projects and internationalize. But most importantly, startups will have the opportunity to be presented to the best Global insurance providers by Deloitte Digital.

Selected startups are required to be in Lisbon for 2 months during the Acceleration program, where they will share a really cool and totally free co-working space.

Deloitte Digital Disruptors is organized by Deloitte Digital and supported by Beta-i, the producers of the Lisbon Challenge.

You will need to provide a company profile, a business summary, a short video presenting the opportunity and traction so far and a statement of your objectives for the Deloitte Digital Disruptors. The more information you provide about your startup, the better.

Check out what is needed by starting your application.

The applications’ deadline is on Oct. 7th and the results of the selection process for the 25 startups entering the Bootcamp will be announced on the 15th of October at the latest, so you can make your travel arrangements.

At least 2 members of your team should officially participate in Deloitte Digital Disruptors.

If you want to add or swap a member during the program, you need to confirm with the Deloitte Digital Disruptors staff first.

The criteria are as follows:

  1. Team
  2. Quality of the application (business summary and market potential)
  3. Ambition and project scalability
  4. Adaptability to insurance industry

We are looking for hard working, committed and collaborative people, characteristics that should be consistent throughout the application.

The Deloitte Digital Disruptors program is specifically designed for tech startups in product, service or prototype phase whose product can be of value to insurance providers.
Our target startups are all technology-based projects serving the financial services industry.
In order to be eligible to apply, you must have at least 50% of tech founders.