DreamQuark focuses on helping healthcare and insurance create new value out of their data stocks. We develop both new technologies and tools around cognitive and deep-learning technologies to help our customers create new products and services for prevention, diagnostic and care.

ZenWeShare has developed an automotive insurance scoring algorithm based on e-reputation data. What we are able to do is to compute a driving quality scoring based solely on a person’s Facebook profile.


Kinetikos’ vision combines the explosion of movement monitoring technology with breakthroughs in computational biomechanics and machine learning to support clinical decision making. Simply put, they transform the vast information of the quantified self into treatment knowledge for those best to make medical decisions – you and your doctor.

Whale’s platform has the ability to collect unstructured data regarding client’s digital interactions, emails, mentions, complaints, requests, simulations, and create a dynamic client profile for each and every customer or lead. Based on this information they are able to determine each client’s archetype. Whale is also developing, directly into, Clientscape a cognitive engine capable of determining customer intent and driving content creation as well as creating dynamic digital experiences tailored to each customer needs in order to deliver maximum conversion.

Fluo allow consumers to buy the right insurance at the right price avoiding duplication of covers and also allows business partners (insurers, banks, payment service providers, travel operators) to sell more insurance, to improve customer satisfaction and provide a solution to new regulations. Fluo’s engine provides a diagnostic on guarantees needed for each situation and gives advices on the right guarantee for each situation.

Risk APP is tool that, thanks to a proprietary algorithm, is capable of estimating the value of risk in supply chain and in productive systems and express the economic losses that can arise from such risks. Insurers are using this tool to estimate the risk and consult their clients on the best policies to subscribe and they’re also using this tool as an actuarial method to compute premiums for business interruption cover and contingent business interruption.

Botcar is an electronic brain to transform old cars in connected cars for less than 100€ of investment wich unlike other alternatives, works as a platform providing a suit of Apps everywhere and anywhere for the B2B market. Botcar will generate revenue from subscription fees and additionally from cross-selling of connected car services.

Petable is a preventive health plan management software for veterinary clinics and pet owners that make caring for their pets a priority, bringing them together through a web based back office and a mobile app. Since we integrate vet clinics in this experience we lead to an increased quality of the clinics services (being top-of-mind, being part of the pets life while at home), and a 20 % improvement in health plans’ compliance (as we have seen in our more than 20 clients in two different countries, and more than 7000 users) which means more visits and transactions for the clinics.

Skenario Labs are developing a globally applicable service (SaaS), which gives virtually anyone capability to optimize and understand the most sustainable choices for urban structure in terms of energy efficiency, climate effects and money. Their service exploits standardized calculation methods, open data and various algorithms developed by SkenarioLabs and automatizes these analyses to the extent that expertise is removed from this discipline.

Stimul is a high-touch intervention program delivered through our online platform that provides everybody with the capacity to build healthy lifestyle habits thanks to human coaching, personalization, tracking, pedagogical knowledge and flexibility.