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Natacha is the Digital Chef at Beta-i. Passionate about writing and learning about almost everything, Natacha is constantly drafting her thoughts the old fashion way (napkins are still my favorite substitute for notebooks).

Join the selected 25 startups in 10 days for the DDD Hackathon

So, the selection process for the first edition of Deloitte Digital Disruptors started and 25 startups are already being chosen out of the 160 applications we received from all over the world. We’re soon announcing who these talented guys are and you might get a unique chance of joining them soon after they arrive at [...]

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How Internet of Things is reducing your risk level for insurers recently announced the top 5 industries for disruptive growth in 2015, according to which Health Care, Financial Services / Banking, Energy, Media, Cable, Broadcasting and Automotive are the industries where big opportunities live. It's not that we disagree with the list, but there is another industry that is lacking some serious modernization – the [...]

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Marketplaces call for insurance

We all know Airbnb. But what does Airbnb have to do with insurance? Well, Airbnb is a marketplace for short term accommodation, where people rent their homes to tourists through their platform. There was nothing like it when they started, it is a truly disruptive business. However, this disruption leaves the door open for insurance [...]

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You May Already be Working for Insurance

What do Disney, Barclays and Deloitte have in common? Three years ago, Techstars came up with the concept of corporate accelerator, in partnership with Microsoft. The idea behind the concept is to benefit both startups and corporations by using the experience of accelerators on building tailored programs to provide startups the unique opportunity to work [...]

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